Collision Repair

Professional Auto Painting and Collision Repair

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From fender-benders, bumper scratches and replacement to classics repainting - we do it all!
We repaint classic cars using the highest quality paints for a new-look
We use High Tech "Waterborne Paints" from Germany.
Our work comes from experience, strong work ethics, and true care for our clients

Auto Painting Services
Paining services from scratches to detailing and classic paint restoration - we do it all!.

We only use use "Waterborne" High Tech paint, a high quality modern paint from Germany, which is the paint used by European car makers such as BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Audi, Volkswagen and others.

This is "Paint Standard", it is never compromised and has a life warranty.

If we use the same paint as the European car companies we achieve the same finish and look as a new car, and it comes with a life warranty. WE like to say, "What else do you need?"

A Client Anecdote: "A client of many years brought a 2015 BMW X6 with one year of use with scratches and little dents. After repainting it in our shop, it was undetected by the dealer instruments."

These same high quality paints are used for every job in every car, even if it is a small repair in an old vehicle.

Cosmetic Auto Painting
From small scratches to a full auto repainting.

From painting small scratches and dents to doing a complete repainting, the vehicle not only looks better, its value increases immediately. Sometimes little retouching can already make a difference, a partial or full painting transforms the car completely.

Besides erasing some defects from use, some clients like to change the appearance of the car by changing its color, painting stripes or doing other cosmetic changes.

Auto cosmetics usually makes a big difference when selling a vehicle, small details influence the price. At the same time, when someone decides to keep a car they like for a longer time, cosmetics play an important role in how much using the car will be enjoyed.

Classic Cars Painting
A professional painting job sends an old or classic car back in time!

The original paint look of an old or classic car can be restored with our professional painting services. We have the experience, knowledge and materials to find out what was the original paint and to duplicate it faithfully. You could also think of changing the color to a different standard color, or to create your own color.

We invite you to explore what we could do for your classic car.