Collision Repair

Auto Body Collision Repairs

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More than two decades of experience makes us repair auto frames damaged in accidents
Mercedes Benz with front body damage, a usual collision repair
We have all the professional tools needed for any auto body repair
When repairing a front collision we use OEM parts and high quality European paint
The right auto body repair equipment and experience translates into quality
Professional auto body repair includes straightening frames to original specs.
A well repaired car will show no signs of the accident damage

Auto Collision Repair Services
We provide full auto body repair bringing your vehicle back to the road.

From a dent in a bumper to a complete repair including frame and damaged mechanical parts, we provide a high quality solution that will save you money, and that it is 100% guaranteed.

One aspect where there are options in which you can balance how much you want to spend are parts. In most cases you can choose from original parts to qualified replacements, as well as to repair them. We will advise you based on more than 2 decades of experience, an extensive knowledge of the parts and the market, always with th utmost integrity.

Auto Body Parts Options

    It's the most expensive option but your car will have the exact original part.
    Used parts in good shape are still original, only used.
    Certified after market parts. they are almost a replica of the original. For instance, with metal parts the caliber is almost original.
    It will look the same and you will keep the original part instead of a lesser part.
    There is a point at which it makes more sense to replace a part. We have the experience to advise you on the right choices.

Cosmetic Auto Body Repair
Repairing small auto body details to larger cosmetic improvements can make a big difference.

What is known a s "fender-benders" usually involve fenders, bumpers and lights without requiring body frame reconstruction or mechanical parts to be replaced. Just a dent or a misaligned auto body part makes a vehicle look older and reduces its value. Improving the cosmetic appearance of your car not only makes it more beautiful, it increases its value.

Auto cosmetics usually makes a big difference when selling a vehicle, small details influence the price. At the same time, when someone decides to keep a car they like for a longer time, cosmetics play an important role in how much using the car will be enjoyed.

Fender Benders Repair
Fixing a "fender bender", or small accident, need to be taken seriously and repaired correctly.

Fender benders should be repaired with the same quality standards as a more serious damage. Even if it's not a major damage, it can affect driving and safety, parts can fall apart, and it may turn the car illegal to drive as for instance if it involves a broken light.

Fender benders and small accidents present an opportunity to save money by selecting the type of parts and option between repairing a part or replacing it.

You can trust us in providing you all the options and on giving you sound and experienced advice.

Major Auto Body Reconstruction
Usually involves several parts, mechanical components, and the frame.

Major auto accidents result in serious damage to many body and mechanical parts, as well as to the frame.

We have the experience and the equipment, such as the "frame machine" to completely restore your car. Straightening and aligning the frame and other components is critical - we have been doing it for more than 20 years!

We partner with mechanic specialists and upholsteries to provide a full and comprehensive repair that is guaranteed. Decisions on the repair approach and parts to use are critical in determining the cost, we will provide you with all the available options and advise you properly.

Knowledge, experience, partnerships and ethics are fundamental - we have all of them.